Lesson Policies

My responsibility and goal as a teacher is to help your child become a better musician. I will work hard to teach your child in an uplifting, positive environment. My expectation of each child is that they are serious about improving their skills on their chosen instrument, and that they are well prepared for each lesson (this means daily practice!) These policies are in place to help you to be successful. If you have any questions about anything here, please feel free to ask.

The rate for each lesson is as follows:

30 minute lesson- $25
45 minute lesson- $35
60 minute lesson- $40

Your child’s first two (2) lessons with me are on a trial basis. For these two lessons, you will submit payment (either check or cash) at the beginning of each lesson. After those two lessons, if you decide that I am not a good match for your child, you may continue looking for teachers in the area (no hard feelings!) If you decide to pursue lessons with me on a permanent basis, we will start payments on a monthly basis. Payment for a month of lessons will be due at the first lesson of each month (there are usually 4 or 5 lessons in a month).
*Note: Each student must commit to at least 2 lessons with me.

Lessons are scheduled weekly, for the same day and time, unless told otherwise. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes early to allow ample time to unpack and tune. If your child arrives more than 15 minutes late with no notice, the lesson will be cancelled for the week with no make-up lesson or refund.

Teacher Cancellations
In the event that I need to cancel a lesson with a student, I will either try to schedule a make-up lesson or apply a credit to the following month’s lessons.

Student Cancellations
If your child cannot attend their lesson, it is imperative to contact me as soon as possible to notify me of the cancellation. If you know of any planned cancellations (vacations, concerts, etc) please notify me in advance so that I can adjust your monthly payment. If your child needs to miss due to a last minute scheduling conflict, I will reschedule one time per month, if possible. Any other last minute scheduling conflicts will not be rescheduled. If your child needs to miss due to sickness, I will reschedule or credit your account (there is no limit on rescheduling for sickness, but if it becomes a habit for your child, I will need to limit this). There are no credits for missed lessons.

 No Shows
If your child misses a lesson without contacting me, there will be no rescheduling or payment credit. If your child misses three consecutive lessons without notifying me, your lesson spot will be forfeited with no refund.

Daily practice at home is required in order to be successful. A quiet, distraction-free environment is crucial for effective practicing. If your child misses one day of practice every now and then, it is understandable. If your child is consistently not practicing, progress will not be made in lessons and therefore your money (and my time) is wasted. If lesson progress is hindered due to lack of practice, I have the right to permanently cancel lessons with your child. No refund will be given in this case. Please note that I will try everything I can to try to motivate your child to practice before canceling lessons.

Parent Involvement
Parent involvement is encouraged, especially for younger students. You are welcome to sit in during your child’s lesson so that you can help them practice at home. Even if you don’t sit in for each lesson, your involvement in their at-home practicing is crucial for your child’s success. The younger students especially need a structured practice time, and knowing where and when to practice is something that they will look to you to provide. Even with older students, it is important to make sure that they are practicing regularly. Try to help your child think of practicing as a homework assignment.

Lesson Materials/Books/Music
Music and lesson materials will be chosen on an individual basis according to what your child needs. For the first lesson, your child should bring any and all books and music they are currently working from or have worked from in the past. I will try to work with what they have, but please know that you may need purchase additional materials. Books and music can be purchased from Amazon, Menchey Music, Shar Music, Southwest Strings, or any other store/location that you feel comfortable buying from. I do not have extra copies of books at my disposal, so if your child forgets to bring their music or books to a lesson, they will be sent home and the lesson will not be rescheduled or credited.

I am always willing to work with you and your child if a unique situation arises, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Communication is the key to your child’s success in my lesson studio. Remember that these policies are in place to help your child to have a meaningful musical experience.